Manuka Health New Zealand Manuka Honey MGO 100+ On The Go 12 pack

5.000 KD

Product Information

Enjoy the endless benefits of Manuka Honey while on-the-go with Manuka Health’s MGO™ 100+ Manuka Honey Snap Pack; a box of 12 individual servings of New Zealand’s prized (and costly!) honey conveniently packaged in mess-free, squeezable sachets.

Sustainably sourced from the nectar of the native Manuka plant that only blooms for a few weeks a year, Manuka Honey boasts a host of proven medicinal remedies from aiding wound healing and promoting oral care, to soothing sore throats, treating acne and improving digestive symptoms (like constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pain and irregular bowel movements).

Produced and packed in New Zealand.

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