Country Life Realfood Organic Probiotic Daily Powder Gluten Free Non-GMO 90g

17.000 KD

Product Information

A sophisticated blend of whole, organic ingredients that helps shift support the microflora balance naturally.** Each scoop contains a daily dose of fresh pre- and probiotics that were fermented and freeze-dried to preserve their gut-healthy properties without sacrificing the plants micronutrients. Probiotic Daily Powder contains 9 strains of probiotics, as well as a serving of aloe vera, delicately extracted using a patented low-temperature short-time (LTST) drying process that retains heat-sensitive nutritional and functional components, important to digestive health.**

Suggested Use

<p>Adults, mix one (1) scoop (1.5 g) with your favorite cold beverage or sprinkle on top of food to supplement your diet with probiotics. Mix well. Refrigerate container after opening. As a reminder, discuss the supplements and medications that you take with your health care providers.</p>
<p>Refrigerate after opening.</p>

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