Mujeza Green Bee Propolis 25g

7.500 KD
Expiry date: 2025/10/31

Product Information


Propolis or bee gum:

Pure liquid product without alcohol at a concentration of 90% of green propolis that is the richest of antioxidants especially terpines

Health benefits:

  • Killing bacteria, viruses and fungi by stopping their growth and spread.
  • Reducing allergy symptoms because it causes the body to reduce the production of histamine.
  • Reducing blood pressure by decreasing the activity of the enzyme tyrosine and helping to reduce blood sugar levels.
  • Propolis helps promote bone health and helps heal fractures by strengthening bone density.
  • A powerful antioxidant that fights cancer and fights health problems of aging.
  • Promote dental and oral health by killing bacteria and reducing swelling around the gums.
  • Accelerate healing of wounds by promoting the regeneration of skin and liver cells.
Suggested Use

<p>How to use:</p>
<p>Put 5-10 drops in water or juice and drink.</p>
<p>It is preferable not to continue taking it for more than a month, but stop a month and return to it a month, and so on</p>

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