Mujeza Miracle Belgian Chocolate Bee Bread Power Plus Protein 85cao 50g

1.000 KD

Product Information

Chocolate is rich in iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorous, zinc, selenium and antioxidants that lower blood pressure, protects against blood clotting, vasculitis and cancer. It stimulates the kidney and heart functions. It contains caffeine and theobromine, which improve mood and brain function.

Bee bread:

Amazing bee product which is the best natural food sources as it is rich in beneficial microbes (probiotics) and proteins in the simplest forms easy for digestion, absorption and metabolism (where the protein is composed of free amino acids). Also Bee bread contains vitamins, including vitamin B complex group and folic acid comprises approximately 40% of its components

Some of the benefits of bee bread:

  1. Natural antihistamine which prevents and fights allergies
  2. Natural anti-cancer
  3. Rich source of vitamins, minerals and natural amino acids provide energy and vitality of the body
  4. Works to get rid of harmful cholesterol
  5. It helps the body to produce immunity cells and antibodies to fight disease.
  6. Helps rid the liver of toxins
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