Mujeza Power Plus Protein Bee Bread 120g

4.000 KD
Expiry date: 2026/04/30

Product Information

Bee bread:

the most perfect food in the universe. Where bees collects all their products to form a unique divine paste and then store it in the hexagons of the hive, to feed the young bees. It is keen that this food be integrated to provide the young bees with the elements and materials necessary for growth and therefore it is considered one of the best natural food sources as it is rich in beneficial microbes (probiotics) and proteins. Also Bee bread contains vitamins, including vitamin B complex group and folic acid comprises approximately 40% of its components

Some of the benefits of bee bread:

  1. Natural antihistamine which prevents and fights allergies
  2. Natural anti-cancer
  3. For patients with anemia
  4. Strengthen memory
  5. Rich source of vitamins, minerals and natural amino acids
  6. Natural tonic and increases the energy and vitality of the body
Suggested Use

<p>How to use bee bread:</p>
<p>It can be eaten by adding it to natural juices, milk, or yogurt, sprinkling it on a piece of bread coated with honey, sprinkling it on salads or fruits, or putting it in sandwiches or various pies and there are those who prefer to eat it directly. A tablespoon or two daily.</p>

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