Mujeza Raw Unpasteurized Umara Sidr Yemeni Hadrami Honey 500g

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Expiry date: 2025/05/01

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The winner of Gold Awards for best Quality at 2021 London Honey Award

The properties and advantages of the natural princes honey (Yemeni Sidr honey)

It is one of the most distinguished types of honey in the world for its therapeutic properties and is used to eliminate many diseases because it contains a high percentage of antioxidants compared to other types of honey, because its electrical conductivity is higher, reaching 0.8 units, and this is evidence of the presence of minerals in it significantly, as well as Its pH value is higher than the rest of honey and is close to neutral. Sidr honey is the honey produced from the nectar of the flowers of the Sidr tree.

Raw Sidr honey is distinguished by being without antibiotic or pesticide residues and has a high enzyme content that is preserved upon treatment. It is a honey that has a distinct flavor, aroma, and innumerable healing properties


Sidr honey is produced by bees who only feed on the nectar of Sidr trees, one of the oldest trees that mentioned in the Holiy Quran. Sider honey is considered one of the finest honey and it's been known for healing benefits since ancient time. The herbalists preferred it for curing diseases and promoting health because it gives better results comparing with other types of honey. Sidr honey has many variants, each has different features and specifications, all of which captured the attention of researchers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia who have conducted several experiments on samples of honey from all over the world (available in Saudi market). They found that Sidr honey contains a high proportion of minirals.

Sidr honey is characterized by golden light color, it darkens and turns to redness over time. While fresh and newly produced, it reminds you the same aromatic smell of Sidr tree in the month of October, the season when Sidr tree is flowering. Sidr honey is different from one region to another, so the taste, color, aroma and density. All variants share the exquisite taste, splendid aroma and all of them are very expensive. In Saudi Arabia, Sidr trees are found in areas close to Yemen, where the Kingdom of Seba used to be"the home of Sidr which is mentioned in the Holy Quran verse 16 of Sura Saba, "and something of few Sidr". Each valley of Yemen has story to tell about Sidr.

Among the most famous areas in Yemen for producing Sidr honey are Doan in Hadramout, Gardan, Bayhan in Shabwa. In all these areas honey bees feed themselves exclusively on the nectar from the Sidr trees. Like other types of honey, Sidr honey needs good care through all stages starting from production to packaging, testing of samples and storage. Honey is very sensitive and it change at the lowest degree of temperature, any mistake while processing might turns it into harmful material instead of being healthy.

The health and therapeutic benefits of Sidr honey

  1. Removes stomach hyperacidity
  2. It strengthens memory
  3. Helps fetal growth for pregnant women
  4. To stimulate reproductive system function and it is sexual tonic
  5. Stimulate immunity, good for chest and stomach infections
  6. To strengthen the bones
  7. Rich with nutrients needed for anemia
  8. It strengthens the nerves
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