Palmini Angel Hair Pasta 20 Calories 4g Carbs No Sugar Gluten Free Keto Friendly 227

1.250 KD

Product Information

Palmini Hearts of Palm Pasta is a pasta substitute made completely out of a natural plant known as Hearts of Palm. Hearts of Palm is the edible inner core of a palm tree. When this plant is cut and cooked in the proper way, it resembles regular pasta. Not only does Palmini look like pasta, but it can also taste like pasta. Over 90% of Palmini Hearts of Palm Pasta is water. Palmini is a vegetable and it has a very high fiber content. The combination of water and fiber create a very low calorie product ... only 20 calories per serving. Palmini is naturally gluten free.

Palmini is 100% made out of Hearts of Palm, so if you eat it straight out of the can, it will taste like Hearts of Palm (with a softer texture). If you add a sauce to Palmini, you can make Palmini taste very similar to regular pasta.

Palmini is already cooked. All you need to do is rinse Palmini thoroughly and add your choice of sauce (or follow a recipe) and decide whether you want to eat it hot or cold.


Sliced Hearts Of Palm, Water, Natural Sea Salt, Citric Acid.

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