Better You Magnesium Bone Mineral Lotion 180g

7.750 KD

Product Information

Magnesium Lotion: Our magnesium skin lotion combines magnesium, calcium, and hydrating ingredients to support bone health and soften skin; 5ml delivers 75mg of magnesium and 75mg of calcium
Fast Effective Absorption: Specially formulated for effective magnesium absorption, our magnesium chloride lotion offers a unique, fast-acting way to supplement 2 essential nutrients
Pure Formula: Our natural magnesium lotion combines magnesium chloride with calcium using an optimal 1:1 ratio; Dermatologically tested formula is free from parabens, synthetic fragrance and color
Planet-Friendly Packaging: Our magnesium chloride lotion comes in carbon-negative, plant-based packaging
Intelligent Supplementation: BetterYou is dedicated to providing scientifically formulated products that use high-quality ingredients and the most effective and convenient delivery methods possible

Suggested Use

<p>Apply the lotion on clean skin, in the area of the neck, hands and feet. For maximum results, use for at least 4 weeks.</p>

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