Better You Magnesium Muscle Body Spray 100ml

9.350 KD

Product Information

Magnesium Oil Body Spray: Soothe hard-working muscles and speed up recovery time with a natural blend of magnesium chloride, lemon oil, arnica, and capsicum; 10 sprays deliver 150mg of magnesium
Magnesium Therapy: Specially formulated for effective magnesium absorption, our magnesium spray contributes to electrolyte balance and stimulates blood flow to support muscle recovery
Pure Formula: A natural muscle relaxant, our magnesium chloride spray is made using minerals sourced from deep inside the Earth’s crust; Our muscle spray is also naturally fragranced with lemon oil
Planet-Friendly Packaging: Our magnesium spray comes in carbon-negative, plant-based packaging
Intelligent Supplementation: BetterYou is dedicated to providing scientifically formulated products that use high-quality ingredients and the most effective and convenient delivery methods possible

Suggested Use

<ul class="a-unordered-list a-vertical">
<li><span class="a-list-item">Spray on the body and massage well into the skin to stimulate absorption—ideal after exercising and showering. Reapply as required. For best results, apply to clean skin.</span></li>
<li><span class="a-list-item">For training support - Apply a minimum of 10-20 sprays, morning and night, to help restore magnesium levels. Increase dosage during intense training.</span></li>
<li><span class="a-list-item">For recovery - Apply to the muscle area and thoroughly massage into the skin. Repeat as often as required and keep the area warm.</span></li>

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