Haddrell's of Cambridge New Zealand Manuka Honey +22 UMF 250GM

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A 22+ UMF Manuka Honey that is rich in Methylgloxal (MGO), one of the unique Manuka Honey compounds for your good health and wellbeing.

The honey is sourced from New Zealand's North Island where the indigenous Manuka trees are abundant. The pristine isolated areas where the beehives are situated ensure that the bees and trees are in prime health. Processing in New Zealand Food Safety Standard facilities and certification through independent testing guarantees that this Manuka Honey is of the highest quality and purity ready for your use.

Haddrell's of Cambridge certified UMF Manuka Honey is available in grades of 10+ UMF through to the highest grade of their range, 22+ UMF. Higher grades signify higher concentrations of the unique Manuka Honey compounds and potency.


Pure New Zealand 22+ UMF Manuka Honey

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