Mujeza Oat Biscuits Chocolate with Psyllium Husk 9 pieces Sugar Free

2.000 KD
Expiry date: 2025/01/08

Product Information

Baked biscuits with a wonderful mixture of fiber and nutritious grains that promote health, in addition to sweetening it with Sidr honey with its benefits that promote general and reproductive health, and adding chocolate to its lovers, as it is rich in antioxidants, theobromine and caffeine, which improves brain functions and mood, activates the body and enhances the functions of the heart and kidneys

Benefits of oats: It activates energy production in the body because it is rich in vitamin B and feels full to prevent diabetes. It improves the functions of the liver, kidneys, colon and asthma, protects the heart and arteries and strengthens the bones. It lowers cholesterol for heart health. Rich in fiber and nutrients such as: iron for blood strength, copper, phosphorous, calcium, complex carbohydrates and vegetable proteins that reduce depression and contains little unsaturated fats and magnesium that protects against pressure High blood and zinc, which gives immunity against influenza and cough. Prevents asthma and constipation and improves kidney function for patients with renal failure

The benefits of spagol: regulating blood sugar and cholesterol, improving digestion, and preventing constipation.

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